Healthy Links

Professional associations and registers

The General Council and Register of Naturopaths

The General Osteopathic Council

British Acupuncture Council

British Naturopathic Association

British Osteopathic Association

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists

Scientific and Medical Network
Explorations in science and human experience, beyond a materialist worldview. An interdisciplinary forum.

Reading matter

What Doctors Don't Tell You


Dr(hc) Harald Gaier

Research Council for Complementary Medicine
Runs the Centralised Information Service for Complementary Medicine (CISCOM) a medical database for evidence on complementary and alternative medicine.

Zero Balancing
A gentle form of bodywork for balancing energy and structure.


Health begins in the soil. Check these organic websites.

The Soil Association
UK’s oldest established organic forum and campaigning organisation
Archive of the organic heritage of F. Newman Turner and his sons

Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) now Garden Organic
World’s largest organization of organic gardeners. Lots of information on composting, natural pest-control, and growing your own vegetables and fruit.

Acres USA
Monthly magazine and publications on organic farming and environmental issues.
Publisher of the new editions of organic farming classics Fertility Farming, Fertility Pastures,Herdsmanship, and Cure Your Own Cattle by F. Newman Turner

Unrelated links

..... except by blood

Lucid Dream Pictures
Not so much a 'healthy link' but a great portrait, event and wedding photography.